Woman Says Rygin King Pointed A Gun At Her During Conflict Over Their Son’s Bruised Face and Missing Tooth

A distressed woman has come forward claiming to be the mother of a two-year-old child fathered by popular dancehall artiste Rygin King, who she said pulled a gun on her. The mother, in a now-viral internet rant, alleges that her child’s tooth went missing while under Rygin King’s care, and when she confronted him about the incident, he reportedly brandished a firearm.

During a live stream video, the aggrieved mother voiced her rage over Rygin King’s apparent failure to notify her about their child’s injury. Expressing her disbelief, she questioned why he did not deem it necessary to inform her that their child fell, bruised his face, and lost a tooth.

“Yuh seh di kid drop and bruise up him face. Why yuh neva see it necessary fi yuh call me and tell me seh di baby front teeth drop out?” she asked with her voice echoing frustration.

Woman Says Rygin King Pointed A Gun At Her During Conflict Over Their Son’s Bruised Face and Broken Tooth

As her impassioned address continued, the mother directly accused the dancehall entertainer of brandishing a gun at her, a claim that sent shockwaves over the internet.

“And when yuh see mi a while ago yuh point out gun outta window like nuh body fraid a yuh. Bredda yuh inna wheelchair. What is wrong with you?”

The female fearlessly stressed that she was not afraid of the deejay, adding, “Memba seh a wheelchair yuh inna…Nuh body nuh fraid a yuh…A nuh dat when yuh tek out di gun, yuh shudda shoot mi kill mi.”

The mother also revealed a pattern of ongoing harassment by Rygin King and his girlfriend since the birth of their child. She firmly declared that this incident would be the final straw, as she intended to report the entire episode to the local police. The enraged mother vowed that she would report both Rygin King and his girlfriend.

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