Woman Says Her Husband Cheated on Her with “Nearly 200 Escorts”

A woman shared her distressing story of discovering her husband’s infidelity with almost 200 escorts, spanning over the course of three years, including during her pregnancy. The anonymous writer, who identified herself as a mother suffering four months postpartum on Reddit, sought support and advice from the online community as she navigated the painful reality of her husband’s actions.

“I’m four months postpartum, and just found out my husband has been cheating on me with escorts for the last three years, yes even while I was pregnant. He saw an escort less than a week after our son was born,” she revealed in the emotional post.

The woman went on to shed light on her husband’s troubled background, explaining how his mother’s drug addiction and involvement in prostitution during his upbringing may have contributed to his current struggles with addiction and infidelity. “His dad was a John [Doe]. So it makes perfect sense why this is his addiction,” she added.

The husband admitted to engaging in this behavior for seven years, even during his previous marriage. Despite his remorse, having never been caught before, he felt no urgency to cease his actions. The financial toll of his behavior was also disclosed, with an estimated $30,000 spent on escorts over the past seven years.

Amidst the pain and confusion, the woman acknowledged her husband’s positive qualities, describing him as an “AMAZING father and husband” who fulfilled all her needs and her son. She found herself torn between two difficult choices: working through his addiction together, considering his apparent remorse, or leaving him out of fear that he would continue to engage in these behaviours once the dust settled.

“This is so hard and I just want my son and I to be happy. This is my first baby, and I’m a new mom still recovering from a natural homebirth,” she concluded the post.

The Reddit post, shared yesterday, garnered significant attention, with users expressing a wide range of opinions and offering advice to the distressed woman. Some responses were stern, urging her to prioritize her well-being and suggesting that leaving the relationship was the best course of action. One user wrote, “Clearly he isn’t such an ‘amazing man & father’ if he’s a serial cheater, stop putting that immoral man on a pedestal and see him for who he actually is, a lying two-faced untrustworthy immoral selfish cheater.”

Some others presented a different perspective, acknowledging that a person could be a good parent while still engaging in morally questionable behaviour. They argued that the issue was the husband’s deception rather than his ability to fulfil his fatherly duties. One comment stated, “He can still be a great father and take care of his business as a father, and protector & provider while seeing escorts. The two actually have nothing to do with each other.”

The post received an outpouring of empathy and support for the woman, and some users suggested seeking therapy, while others advised taking legal action to get assets from the divorce. While the anonymous writer seeks advice as she lives through this difficult chapter of her life, the decision lies ultimately with the woman.

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