WATCH VIDEO: Resurfaced Viral Video Shows Child Being Dragged Along Street by Kentucky School Bus

A disturbing video of a child, who was in first grade, being dragged along the road by a school bus for approximately 1,000 feet has resurfaced on Twitter. The incident involved Ally Rednour, who was six years old at the time, as she was getting off the Jefferson County Public School bus in Kentucky when her backpack got caught in the closing doors. The surveillance footage inside the bus captured the heart-wrenching scene as the doors struck Ally’s arm and ensnared her backpack, trapping her.

The bus driver, identified as Melinda Sanders, appeared oblivious to the unfolding danger and continued driving while Ally ran frantically in an attempt to free herself. Despite her efforts, Ally was dragged along by the bus, leading to a distressing fall.

The school bus door closing on Ally Rednour’s bag

During this harrowing incident, another student was observed standing near Sanders, who continued driving the bus, seemingly unaware of the dire situation. It was not until another vehicle honked its horn that Sanders finally noticed the gravity of the situation. Braking abruptly, she exclaimed in disbelief, “Oh my God, Oh my God.”

Melinda Sanders rushing to get Ally after seeing her trapped between the doors

Opening the doors, Sanders hurriedly descended the bus steps to attend to the injured six-year-old. Ally was subsequently rushed to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed her with severe abrasions covering approximately 12 per cent of her body. The young girl endured multiple surgeries as part of her treatment. The incident occurred on May 15, 2015, and in 2018, Ally’s mother filed a lawsuit against Sanders, seeking unspecified damages, which led to a civil trial.

During the civil trial, Ally’s pediatric surgeon testified, highlighting the extent of her injuries, while Sanders expressed regret for her actions. Several current and former transportation department employees testified, revealing the deviations from established procedures that occurred on the day of the incident.

Following the 2015 episode, Ally suffered from severe nerve damage and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), necessitating multiple surgeries. The family has endured emotional and physical hardships resulting from the incident.

Ally Rednour (Photo: Daily Mail)

Sanders was terminated by the district approximately one month after the tragedy, as the school authorities determined that she disregarded training and failed to comply with proper procedures for monitoring students’ exit from the bus.

Viewer’s Discretion Advisory: The following content contains a graphic video that may be disturbing to some viewers. Please exercise caution while watching.

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