WATCH VIDEO: Older Sisters Who Rescued Their Siblings From Drowning, Car Crash, Gunshots, and Kidnap

Over the years, numerous brave older sisters have fearlessly come to the rescue of their younger siblings, ensuring their safety in perilous situations. One such incident occurred in 2016 when an eight-year-old named Alicia embarked on a courageous pursuit of a kidnapper who had snatched her baby brother. Her ten-year-old brother joined the chase as well, as this alarming incident unfolded while they were playing at a park near their babysitter’s house.

Alicia’s piercing screams caught the attention of nearby teenagers, intensifying the pursuit as she and her brother trailed closely behind the kidnapper. Eventually, overwhelmed by the commotion, the kidnapper abandoned baby Owen in a vacant lot before making his escape.

In 2019, a distressing incident took place when Kaylee Dallas found herself trapped underwater after flipping over while jumping into a pool with a float. Witnessing her sister’s struggle, ten-year-old Jayla sprang into immediate action. Jayla was deeply saddened to see her sister gasping for breath, and their mother promptly called the police.


When an officer arrived at the scene, Kaylee lay lifeless next to the pool. The officer fervently performed chest compressions in a desperate attempt to revive her. Miraculously, Kaylee suddenly took a life-saving breath, rekindling hope. Kaylee was swiftly rushed to the hospital and made a remarkable recovery.

In 2015, Lexi received a well-deserved medal for her heroic actions in rescuing her baby brother and mother. The family’s SUV had careened over an embankment when Angela Shamanski, Lexi’s mother, fell asleep at the wheel while driving them home. Angela suffered a broken back and lost consciousness, leaving her life hanging by a thread. Amidst the chaos, Lexi unbuckled herself from the car seat and fearlessly took charge of the situation.

Without hesitation, she embarked on a barefoot climb up a daunting 40-foot embankment until she reached the highway. Standing on the roadside, Lexi desperately signalled for passing cars to stop. Onlookers were astonished to witness such a young child emerging from the treacherous embankment.

Lexi’s determination attracted the attention of compassionate strangers, who promptly responded to her distress signals and ensured the safety of her family. Lexi’s courageous act not only saved her family but also left her parents deeply grateful for the kind-hearted individuals who heeded their daughter’s plea.

In 2021, Mia, a 13-year-old girl, shielded her little brother from a hail of bullets during a shooting incident. Remarkably, both siblings emerged unscathed from the terrifying ordeal. Mia, who had always exhibited bravery and harboured dreams of becoming a New York police officer, was commended by her father for her extraordinary act of courage. He even suggested that Mia be honoured with the key to the city as a tribute to her remarkable heroism.


These stories serve as vivid examples of the incredible bravery and selflessness displayed by these older sisters, who willingly placed themselves in harm’s way to protect their younger siblings. Their actions stand as a testament to the unbreakable bond shared among siblings and the unwavering strength that emerges in times of danger.

Watch the news report on these girls from the Inside Edition below:

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