WATCH VIDEO: Crissy Suspected CMR Had A Second Side Chick…CMR’s Passionate Mother’s Day Post

On a recent live stream, social media personality Crissy Carter made a shocking revelation about her knowledge of her husband’s infidelity.

According to a screen recording that captured the live stream, Crissy was bracing for a new mistress to come forward after her husband’s previous infidelity with Shani came to light. Crissy openly told viewers that she knew everything that was going on and was prepared for the worst.

“With everything, I knew what was going on, so I was bracing myself. I was just bracing myself for everything because I knew everything before it happened,” Crissy said.

It’s worth noting that the live stream in question was reportedly conducted on Mother’s Day, which can be deduced from another video of her live-streaming while wearing the same outfit. The text that accompanied the second video stated that she was enjoying music on Mother’s Day.

Many viewers were shocked by Crissy’s candid confession, and the video has been met with mixed reactions online. Some viewers sympathise with her and encourage her to do whatever makes her happy, while others are still labelling her a “yamhead” for not leaving her husband after his infidelity.

In addition to dealing with the aftermath of her husband’s affair, Crissy also revealed during the live stream that she has been receiving messages from men trying to get with her. It’s unclear whether these messages are related to her current situation or if the DMs are just unsolicited advances from strangers.

Watch the two videos of Crissy below:

Interestingly, Crissy’s husband, CMR, took to Instagram to share a lengthy Mother’s Day post dedicated to his wife yesterday. In the post, he expressed his love and appreciation for her, calling her the rock of their family and the glue that holds them together.

He wrote, “I love you more than words can express, and I am blessed to have you as my wife and the mother of our children. Happy Mother’s Day, my love.” It’s difficult to say what will happen next for Crissy and her family. It’s clear that they’re going through a tough time, and while some hope that they will overcome their issues, others believe it is best to end the marriage.

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