WATCH VIDEO: California Man Crashes Car Into House and Chases Neighbours with Axe

Video footage captured the chaotic scene in a Lake Forest neighbourhood of California, where a man crashed his car into a house and proceeded to chase people with a pickaxe. Luckily, no serious injuries were reported in the incident.

The footage from a neighbour’s street camera depicted the suspect’s car racing down the road before colliding with the house, accompanied by the sound of the crash. Injured and disoriented, the man was observed running towards the residence where he was staying, forcefully prying open the front door with all his strength.

At some point, the assailant retrieved a pickaxe from the backyard and pursued one of his roommates. He also launched a relentless attack on another roommate’s door, pleading for help. Despite managing to break open the door, the roommate was able to subdue the assailant.

According to reports from ABC7 Eyewitness News, Eric Li, the homeowner, shared his terrifying experience of being chased by the man, fearing for his life. Li attempted to reason with the aggressor, urging him to calm down and provide an explanation, but received no response. Eventually, Li managed to escape, seeking refuge across the street, where he promptly dialled 911.

Witnesses in the neighbourhood recounted how the man also pursued other individuals, causing panic and distress. Andy Lopez, who was inside working at the time, described the distressing events, saying, “The gardener came up panicking and said somebody was chasing him with an ax. And we came out and we heard screaming and yelling at the house, sounded like somebody was being tortured.”

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department swiftly responded to the scene, successfully apprehending the suspect. Reflecting on the intervention by law enforcement, Lopez remarked, “There was some terrible yelling and screaming. And the police went in they pulled out their weapons, and we heard like five gunshots. And, apparently, I guess they used non-lethal type ammunition.”

The suspect was visibly wounded when apprehended by the authorities. Lopez recalled the suspect being in a “bloody” state when the officers took him away. The man was subsequently taken to a hospital for treatment of injuries sustained in the car crash and has since been taken into custody.

Watch the video of the incident below:

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