WATCH VIDEO: 46-Year-Old Woman Beaten by a 6 People

A recent video has surfaced, exposing a distressing incident in which a group of strangers violently attacked and robbed a woman in Brooklyn late on Thursday. The 46-year-old victim was walking on Broadway near Roebling Street in Williamsburg at around 11:50 p.m. when she was confronted by six assailants who began physically assaulting her.

The attack initially took place on the sidewalk but then moved to the street, where the victim fell and was kicked by the attackers, as shown in the clip posted by the Williamsburg News Twitter account. The perpetrators, consisting of both men and women, proceeded to snatch the victim’s purse, containing a cellphone, wallet, bank cards, and $25, before escaping eastward on Broadway.

 46-year-old victim approached by the violet group

According to reports from the New York Post, although other people were present during the attack, no one came to the victim’s aid. A man standing next to a CitiBike was observed watching the incident but did not participate. He is then seen leaving with the group, who quickly fled the scene.

The victim incurred non-life-threatening injuries and was treated at Woodhull Medical Center, where she is presently in stable condition. As of Friday afternoon, there has been no word regarding any arrests related to the attack.

Watch the video of the attack below:

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