Valiant Offers to Pay $300,000 in Outstanding School Fees for Munro College Student

Valiant, the popular dancehall artiste also known as Raheem Bowes, has recently made a generous offer to pay the outstanding school fees of a Munro College upper sixth-form student. Valiant is currently in Greece, and he learned about the student’s debt of over $300,000 through social media and immediately expressed his desire to cover the entire amount.

His co-manager, Cara Vickers, confirmed Valiant’s intention to pay all of the school fees and reached out to inform the student, named Mark Sterling Jr. Valiant shared the student’s story on his Instagram, urging the 18-year-old to contact him or his management, Romeich Entertainment.

Vickers, who is accompanying Valiant in Greece for a concert, described the artiste as kind-hearted and committed to extending support to others in the community. Valiant’s offer garnered significant attention, with many individuals reaching out to Mark’s mother, Beverley Leckie, to inform her about the singer’s social media post.

Expressing her gratitude, Leckie explained the financial challenges her family faced due to her husband’s foot ulcers, which severely limited his mobility. She shared that they previously managed to keep up with the school fees but struggled when her husband’s illness affected their income. Leckie highlighted the impact of Valiant’s offer, stating that it relieved a significant burden.

“I am very, very grateful for the offer from Valiant. This is a big load of our head. Mark is a boarder at Munro College from grade seven. We used to keep up with the fees, but then his father got ulcers on his feet and he can barely walk … it is affecting his vein,” Leckie told the Jamaica Star.

Leckie, who lives in St James, subsequently explained that she raises chickens and engages in partnership projects, but since his father has been unable to assist with purchasing chickens as he typically did, they were faced with graver challenges.

According to the mother, the total fee required for Mark to graduate by the first week of July is $368,000. Leckie emphasized that her son had faced embarrassing situations at Munro College due to the outstanding debt.

Vickers disclosed that upon Valiant’s return from Greece, he plans to visit Mark and his family personally. The artiste’s willingness to pay the student’s school fees showcases his understanding of the importance of education, although he is known for hits songs that glorify being a “dunce,” indulging in voodoo, and scamming.

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