Tragic Shooting Incident in Ocho Rios Leaves One Dead and Three Injured

A disturbing incident unfolded on Sunday evening in the usually serene community of Eltham, Ocho Rios St Ann, as a man was fatally shot while playing dominoes. The victim, known only by his alias ‘Laggar’ Scott, was one of four individuals targeted in the late-night attack.

According to reports, at around 7:30 p.m., a black Toyota Axio car carrying armed assailants pulled up to a corner shop in the area. Without warning, they unleashed a hail of bullets on the group of men engrossed in a game of dominoes near the shop’s entrance. Following the assault, the gunmen swiftly fled in the direction of the Exchange community.

Photo: Jamaica Observer

Local residents were left startled and dismayed by the incident, as Eltham is typically known for its tranquillity. The sound of well over a dozen gunshots pierced the air, sending shockwaves throughout the peaceful neighbourhood.

A concerned resident, who said that Scott “was in his mid-sixties, probably early seventies,” told the Jamaica Observer, “Eltham is a really quiet community, we usually don’t have incidents like this and it is very puzzling because Laggar was just an ordinary man who did menial jobs, he was primarily a grave digger,”

The other three victims of the shooting have been hospitalized, and their conditions are currently unknown.

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