Teejay Surprised by Success of Hit Single “Drift”

In a surprising turn of events, Teejay’s latest single “Drift” is taking the music scene by storm and poised to dominate the summer. The track, released as an audio on YouTube in April, has already garnered nearly 1 million views. The unexpected hit has gained even more traction with the release of the music video, which has quickly surpassed the original audio in views and is on the verge of reaching 1 million views.

Produced by Panda, DJ Mac, and Teejay’s own Top Braff Entertainment, “Drift” has gone viral on TikTok, thanks to its infectious flow and accompanying dance. Teejay recently appeared on OnStage, where he revealed that he recorded the track in a light-hearted manner and never anticipated its immense success. Although the style of the song differs from his usual work, Teejay shared that it took him only an hour to create the hit when he entered the studio.

According to Urbanislandz, the dance accompanying “Drift” was created by Gabbi Don, who, along with Snow, performed as Teejay’s backup dance duo. Teejay admitted that he initially had reservations about the dance, as it was not his forte.

However, he acknowledged that as an entertainer, he needed to deliver what the audience desired. Recognizing the current demand for catchy melodies and danceable tunes, Teejay embraced the challenge and quickly crafted the song.

With its impressive viewership and growing popularity, Teejay’s latest hit single “Drift” is set to make its mark on the dancehall scene and secure a spot on every summer playlist in 2023.

Check out the music video for Drift below:

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