St James’ Most Wanted Criminal ‘Zaddo’ Among Three Killed in Police Shootout

A fatal encounter unfolded in St. James today as Nestor ‘Zaddo’ Gallimore, the most wanted man in the area, was among three individuals who lost their lives during a confrontation with the police. Additionally, authorities have seized three firearms, according to Nationwide News.

The joint operation, involving both police and military personnel, took place in the Spot Valley area of Barrett Town. Reports suggest that Gallimore’s second in command was also killed in the operation. The police have connected the three deceased individuals to ten murders committed in the parish.

Earlier this week, the Joint Anti-gang Taskforce, through the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s social media channels, had announced their determination to apprehend Gallimore. However, Gallimore met his fate by choosing to engage in a fierce exchange of gunfire.

According to the police, when the security forces cornered Gallimore and his associates, they were met with intense gunfire. Responding swiftly, the security forces employed evasive measures and retaliated with their own gunfire. As the shooting ceased, multiple men were observed lying on the ground.

Gallimore, along with two others, was rushed to the hospital but was later pronounced dead. The incident marks a significant development in the ongoing efforts to combat crime in St. James.

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