New Songs In Dancehall: Valiant, Skeng, Nation Boss, Malie, Marksman, and Prince Swanny

The vibrant world of dancehall music continues to evolve, captivating audiences with its infectious beats and powerful lyrics. In the latest wave of new releases, several artists dropped songs that are quickly gaining immense traction on YouTube. Let’s dive into the vibrant dancehall scene and explore some of the recently released music videos that have racked up thousands of views since being released less than 24 hours ago.

1. Muhammad by Valiant

Kicking off our list is Valiant’s “Muhammad,” a track produced by Templeboss Records, Diplomats Records, and Craftman Music Records. With over 87K views, this song has quickly climbed the ranks and currently holds the number 26 spot on YouTube’s Trending for Music chart.

2. My Mada by Skeng

Next up is “My Mada” by Skeng, a new dancehall anthem produced by 3 King Music Group X DiTruth Records. This song has garnered over 136K views and is trending at an impressive number 16 on YouTube.

3. Resistance by Nation Boss

Nation Boss dropped “Resistance,” a track produced by Moringa Boss Music. Despite being released only hours ago, the song has already garnered over 29K views and is steadily gaining attention.

4. Cups Up by Malie

Malie brings his energetic style to the forefront with “Cups Up,” a vibrant dancehall track produced by Dansky Records and Eclipse Music Group. With over 33K views, this song exudes an infectious energy that gets listeners moving.

5. CHINESE SKIP by Marksman

Marksman enters the scene with “CHINESE SKIP,” a high-energy release produced by Ravazz Entertainment, Young DVN Records, and Dethwrld Records. Garnering over 43K views, this song showcases Marksman’s lyrical prowess and unique flow.

6. Nightmare by Prince Swanny

Closing our list is “Nightmare” by Prince Swanny, a mesmerizing dancehall track produced by Ztekk Records. With over 202K views, this song has catapulted Prince Swanny into the spotlight and is currently trending at number 28 on YouTube.


The dancehall genre continues to flourish, with a constant influx of fresh music releases that captivate audiences on YouTube worldwide. With a multitude of songs and videos being dropped, fans eagerly anticipate the next hit that will make waves in the industry. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for more exhilarating releases.

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