Masicka Discusses His New Album Under Def Jam, Says It Surpasses ‘438’

Dancehall artist Masicka is preparing to release his debut album under Def Jam Records, marking a significant milestone in his career. During a recent interview on Amazon Music with host Jacques Morel, and industry legends Beenie Man and Ricky Blaze, Masicka provided insights into his journey and the process behind securing his deal with Def Jam Records.

Addressing concerns raised by fellow Jamaican artists about the potential limitations imposed by American labels on their creativity, Masicka emphasized that he took extensive precautions to ensure his contract protected his artistic freedom.

Masicka revealed that he had multiple meetings with his lawyer and the Def Jam Records team to discuss the finer details and concepts surrounding his music. It was mutually agreed upon that he would retain full ownership of his creative expression, and there would be alterations made to his music. Their shared commitment revolved around pursuing the best possible outcome for the music.

Regarding his current endeavours under the Def Jam deal, Masicka disclosed that he is focused on creating “good music” and has a completed project ready for release later this year. While he refrained from providing specific details about the upcoming album, he expressed a keen interest in collaborating with Adele.

“The music thing is a growth, and you see with each performance and with each year you get inna the business, you get to grow fi master aspect of the business… carrying the torch is not a thing weh just tek up overnight thing and say ‘mi ah the best dancehall artiste or me ago be the next best thing,’ nah it’s a growing process, it’s a working process,” reflected Masicka on his journey.

Beenie Man praised Masicka’s unique style, remarking, “Yuh really deejay mi don,” and even proposed a collaboration between the two artists. Producer Ricky Blaze offered to send a beat for the song after the interview, displaying the supportive camaraderie within the industry.

While exploring his most-streamed album, ‘438,’ which was launched on December 2, 2021, Masicka also shared some insights into its inspiration. This album has received exceptional reviews and is considered one of the most successful dancehall projects in recent times. It includes famous tracks such as “Toxic World,” “Moments Like This,” and “Ultimate.”

Masicka explained that the album’s title came from the hotel room where he stayed while performing in Europe during the album’s recording. As he noticed the recurring appearance of this number, he interpreted it as a sign and took it as inspiration for the album’s name.

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