Jada Kingdom and Burna Boy Rumoured to Be Dating; Stefflon Don Throws Shade!

The recent buzz in the entertainment world revolves around Jamaican artist Jada Kingdom and Nigerian Afrobeat star Burna Boy, with rumours suggesting that they might be romantically involved. The speculation arose due to Jada frequently wearing a gold chain with a pendant engraved with the name “Damini.” Burna Boy also possesses a similar chain, and the “Damini” pendant represents his real name, Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu. Furthermore, Burna Boy’s 2022 album is titled “Love, Damini.”

Fans on social media couldn’t help but notice the resemblance between the two chains, which set off a wave of speculation. Jada sported the chain in recent posts on her social media, even intentionally obscuring the initials of the pendant.

Jada Kingdom wearing the chain

However, despite the swirling rumours, there is no concrete evidence of a romantic relationship between Burna Boy and Jada. The only observation connecting them is that they were both in London at the same time, where Burna Boy recently performed at a sold-out stadium with a capacity of 80,000. He is also set to headline the Champions League Final.

As the rumour mill continues to churn, fans of Burna Boy have expressed their support for Jada Kingdom on her recent Instagram posts, with some even referring to her as their newest “in-law.”

Burna Boy’s Chain

Stefflon Don, Burna Boy’s ex-girlfriend, wasted no time in reacting to the dating rumours, posting a scathing comment on her Instagram story. The British rapper seemingly feels betrayed by Jada’s alleged involvement with her ex, stating, “And this is why I don’t fren up no wh*ring gyal.” Her reaction suggests that she believes Jada has violated the “girl code.” Fans have been quick to react to the situation, with many criticising Jada for her alleged actions.

Stefflon Don’s IG Story

It should be noted that Burna Boy and Stefflon Don broke up two years ago following allegations of his repeated infidelity. They dated for close to three years, according to reports, and their emotions seemed to linger, as evidenced by Burna Boy’s song “Last Last,” which was released last year and expressed his need for substances to cope with the breakup.

While it remains uncertain if Burna Boy and Jada Kingdom are indeed romantically involved, it is alleged that Stefflon Don is hurt, and her fans are supporting her. Whether the former couple will reconcile or move on from each other remains to be seen.

This is not the first time Jada Kingdom’s name has been associated with allegations of friendship betrayal. Last year, she had a bitter fallout with rapper Asian Doll, who revealed Jada’s involvement in a transactional sexual encounter with rapper Fredo Bang. Jada confirmed the encounter but clarified that the figure was $30,000, not the $10,000 initially reported by Asian Doll. Despite the controversies, Jada’s recent display of lavish gifts, including a Birkin bag, has delighted her fan base, leading them to speculate that Burna Boy, known as the African Giant, must be spoiling her if they are dating.

Nigerian fans of Burna Boy have been reportedly flooding Jada’s Instagram posts, expressing their support and even claiming a familial connection. While neither Jada nor Burna Boy has directly addressed the dating rumours, fans have interpreted Jada’s recent blurred-out chain images as possible hints. Nonetheless, the chain in question has apparently not been worn by Burna Boy since his performance in Suriname last December.

Burna Boy has shown his affinity for Jamaica, having previously performed a successful concert at the National Stadium in Kingston in 2022 as part of his Love Damini tour. He even expressed a desire to invest in real estate on the island, as reported by the Jamaica Gleaner.

Despite the ongoing speculation surrounding Jada Kingdom and Burna Boy, only time will reveal the truth behind the chain.

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