Valiant Offers to Pay $300,000 in Outstanding School Fees for Munro College Student

Valiant, the popular dancehall artiste also known as Raheem Bowes, has recently made a generous offer to pay the outstanding school fees of a Munro College upper sixth-form student. Valiant is currently in Greece, and he learned about the student’s debt of over $300,000 through social media and immediately expressed his desire to cover the entire amount. His…

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St James' Most Wanted Criminal 'Zaddo' Among Three Killed in Police Shootout

St James’ Most Wanted Criminal ‘Zaddo’ Among Three Killed in Police Shootout

A fatal encounter unfolded in St. James today as Nestor ‘Zaddo’ Gallimore, the most wanted man in the area, was among three individuals who lost their lives during a confrontation with the police. Additionally, authorities have seized three firearms, according to Nationwide News. The joint operation, involving both police and military personnel, took place in…

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Andrew Holness

PM Holness Declines New Salary Increase, Maintains $9 Million Pay

In a recent press briefing at Jamaica House, Prime Minister Andrew Holness revealed his decision to decline the significant pay increase proposed under the new compensation structure for the political directorate. Holness made a strong statement that he has instructed the Transformation Implementation Unit (TIU) to remove his compensation from the revised salary scale. He…

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